Insurance Advice For Your Charter Tour Bus Business

tour bus accidentAlthough the mass majority of charter tour buses are fairly safe due to their size and safety measures, they are definitely not immune to accidents. In fact, charter tour bus accidents make the headlines at least once or twice a month during peak traveling times. This has prompted many nationwide businesses, school districts, state agencies, individuals, and other organizations to visually check to ensure that any motor tour bus company they hire carries quality  insurance.

Finding Affordable Insurance

Although carrying up-to-date and adequate tour bus insurance will pass regulations, it’s also important that you find a company that offers competitive rates, as you don’t want to pay more than necessary, and you don’t want insufficient coverage either.

7 Tips to Keep Your Tour Bus Clean: Interior and Exterior

my clean white charter busPart of the allure and appeal about chartered tour busses is how attractive they look while cruising down the road when they’re sparkling clean.

Being in the tour bus service as many years as I have been you learn a thing or two on keeping your vehicle nice and tidy. However, there is more involved with cleaning a chartered tour bus than a typical vehicle.

The major difference between cleaning a car and cleaning a tour bus is the size and scale of the job. Tools such as a stepladder and pressure-washer will come in very handy, and you’ll also want a soft brush with a long handle as well. This will help reach the high windshield and other parts of the bus. The following is a list of tips that will help keep your tour bus in tip-top shape – inside and out.

I Do Much Of My Work From Home

Whilst the life of a tour guide might seem very romantic the reality is that a lot of the work is really very mundane.

Of course the good bit is actually taking the tours, and I love getting around the world to various great locations working as a tour guide. It gives me a way to do what I love, in other words go travelling, and actually get paid for it, and I can’t think of anything else I would prefer to do.

However the reality for me is that much of my work has nothing to do with travelling and tour guiding. Much of my work is simply routine mundane work doing research. And that’s the work I do from home.

Of course my employer has an office and I can always work there however I find the office environment distracting, noisy and difficult to work in. I much prefer to work quietly from home where I can do my own work without any distractions, interruptions or noise. Working from home suits me down to the ground.

Of course the work I’m talking about is planning. It takes months of planning to organize one single tour. You’ve got to work out your route, how you will travel, what hotels you will stay in with all your guests, the currencies you will need, airfares, other types of transport and required and much much more.

And whilst it’s possible to do this on the Internet, which I can do from home, much of it is just boring and repetitive office work.

I’ll give you an example. Let’s say I’m looking for accommodation in a particular overnight stay. Firstly I have to get online and find every single hotel or other form of accommodation in that particular town. I’ve got to look for alternative forms of accommodation as well as traditional hotels.

Next I have to compare all of the rates so that I can find a hotel that offers rates that are within the price range that we are looking at. I need to look at the types of rooms, the arrangement of beds, whether or not they are all on the same floor, what the meals are and how much the meals cost.

I’ve got to email every single hotel and see what sort of deal they can offer us for bringing a coachload of tourists. I’ve got to confirm the check-in and check out arrangements. I’ve got to work out how baggage is transported to the rooms. I’ve got to work out where the coach can park so that the older tourists among my group don’t have to walk so far. I’ve got to find out if the hotel has a lift so that my older tourists don’t have to climb stairs, or if there is no lift how many rooms are on the ground floor.

Hopefully you’re starting to get the idea of what goes into planning a tour. And that’s just the hotels, there’s dozens of other things that are similar.

The other thing that I like about working from home is that I now have a complete office set up, including a really good computer and high-speed Internet connection. As you know I make a little extra income as a freelance writer writing about all the places that we visit when we go on tour. I write for a range of different travelling websites and try and get at least one or two pieces published every week.

Having a dedicated home office is perfect for this sort of work.

So I suspect now that you’re beginning to see a little bit of the other side of being a tour guide. It’s not all about travelling to exotic destinations. A lot of it is about simple planning, ground work and grunt work.

But I still love it.

I’ve Decided To Become A Hunting Guide

I love tour guiding and have done it for a long time now. I also, in my spare time, thoroughly enjoy going camping, fishing and hunting. I’ve been an outdoors enthusiast all my life.

More recently I’ve decided to combine my love of tour guiding together with my love of the outdoors. I’ve done some research and found that there is an opening for hunting guides in California.

I’m busy buying rifles, hunting knives and camping equipment

In fact I believe I can establish a reasonable income as a hunting guide so I’ve decided to go for it. I’m currently starting to buy my equipment, including a number of rifles, so that my clients have one each, and plenty of camping gear. I’m even buying simple things like flashlights and hunting knives, from The Hunting Knife Guide.

There is a growing interest in hunting in California, and although many people do it already it’s becoming more popular. There is also a growing interest in getting outdoors and going camping, and I believe that I can attract people to the outdoors wilderness experience and take them camping and hunting together.

Of course it’s very expensive to set up. Just buying the rifles, I’m buying 3 to start with, is expensive enough. However when I add up the cost of tents, sleeping equipment, backpacks and more it certainly comes to quite a significant cost. But I’ve done my research and I believe I can recover that cost within a few months.

I’m a reasonably capable hunter and I’m confident that I can take people hunting and produce a good result for them. I’ve been hunting for many years, I’m a good shot and I’ve been very successful at it. Probably the most limiting factor will be how good a shot my clients are. If they can’t shoot straight there are likely to produce much of a result.

Of course I’ve got to store everything as well, and my house is very small. Hopefully I can store the larger items like the tents and the backpacks in my garage. Whilst all the smaller items, like the hunting knives, knife sharpening tools, small camping equipment, flashlights and so on I can store in the house. I have a couple of wardrobes that should be big enough to store the small hunting and camping items.

Of course as well as buying the equipment I have to market my hunting guiding service as well, and this won’t be easy. I’m currently looking at the cost of advertising in some local hunting magazines. I’m also thinking of putting up some advertisements in my local town and advertising in the local newspaper.

I’ll start small but once I build up my clientele I think I can build it into a full-time income. Given that I enjoy hunting so much I think it will be the perfect guiding opportunity for me.

Of course I won’t be giving up my regular guiding, that’s my bread and butter. But hopefully I’ll be able to add the hunting guiding in and make it all work together.

And of course guiding is a very seasonal business. A lot of my regular tour guiding takes place overseas, and quite a bit of it is in the winter. So I’m quite busy during the winter but I have a little extra time during the summer.

Of course camping and outdoors is primarily a summer activity, and so it will work quite well combining my winter tour guiding with my summer hunting guiding.

I’m really looking forward to it. Whilst I love my general tour guiding I have become a little jaded recently, and have, on occasions, wondered if there is something else that I can do.

Hopefully becoming a hunting guide will get my enthusiasm levels high again.

Eco Friendly Pressure Washing in California Preserves Natural Beauty

As a tour guide I get to see all the beauty California has to offer. I am a big supporter of anything which preserves this natural beauty including strict environmental regulations. Many people don’t realize that when they are using a pressure washing they are polluting our water and air (in the case of gas pressure washers). California has required power washer manufacturers to limit the amount of pollution coming from gas engines and to control the water flowing into the drainage system. Many power washing units come in CARB compliant versions, which basically mean these power washers meet strict environmentally regulations, I always look for pressure washer reviews that indicate whether the cleaners are approved for use in California.

Reasons To Use An Eco Friendly Pressure Washer

Residents of California have developed a fresh way to preserve our land and water so tourists can recognize and experience the land as we do. Polluted waters from pressure washing have been prohibited by the state, and those who do not conform by the set of regulations can be penalized and issued a large fine. There are several accounts why a resident of California will have the need to utilize a pressure washer. Items need to be cleaned and the tool has the capability to cut through the toughest dirt, contaminants, and mold. Examples of items that are commonly pressure washed include:

  • Cars
  • Homes
  • Boats
  • Floors

Cleaning these items with the average water hose will not remove the excess grime that has set deep within their materials. Extra pressure is needed to remove the stuck on gunk, but before laws were passed residents did not have a clue about how to preserve their state.

Covering Of Drainage Systems

Before pressure washing all drains are to be covered. This will prevent the contaminated waters from mixing with clean waters, and harming the animals who live in them. Outside and inside drains are both important to saving the environment while pressure washing. When people clean their boats, cars, and homes, the majority of the time they are outside. The water will runoff into city drains, but there is a large amount of chemicals used in the pressure washing machine that California city’s do not want mixed.

Pre-Clean Floors

The inside of restaurants normally have the filthiest floors, especially if they happen to fry with grease on a regular basis. These floors should be cleaned daily so the amount of grease does not build up, but they still have to be pressure washed to get what a normal mop can not relieve.

Remove Soiled Water With Vacuum

After pressure washing a wet-dry vacuum should be used, so the water does not runoff or sit around. Individuals are asked to vacuum the excess water, then dispose of it in ordained places because this will ensures that California remains a wonderful place for tours.

Follow The Laws Of The State

If a person is continuously pressure washing items and not abiding by the regulations set by the state, they will be penalized. The state of California, follows the rules of the Federal Clean Water Act, and they expect their residents to do the same. Protecting the water means that the animals who live in them will have longer lives, and the people who swim in them will not have to worry about contracting a disease or rash.

The beautiful clear air and water of California, have been around for many years. Keeping them clean and safe is very important to the tourism industry. I admire these waters, and the creatures that live in them. Using environmentally safe strategies when pressure washing will preserve this beautiful state for years to come.

5 Spots You Should See When Visiting Northern California

Yosemite FallsWith its pristine beaches, redwoods trees, beautiful deserts and breath taking mountains, California is known to provide tourists with a variety of experiences which can seldom be seen elsewhere on the planet in one visit.

As a seasoned California tour guide, I recommend the following 5 spots you cannot afford to miss while visiting California for the first time:

1. San Francisco

This city is a major city in California and is well known for its Victorian architecture, hilly terrain, scenic beauty and ethnic and cultural diversity. Places of historic value in San Francisco include the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Coit Tower and California Palace of the Legion of Honor.